The new ARC5: around the world for 80 euros

More power. More speed. More efficiency.

Servus is the first company to provide seamless connection of the warehouse and production
with a single system. How? Our autonomous transport robots integrate all in-house logistics
processes using the pull principle. The result is an efficient, simple interface flow in which warehouse and production merge into a single dynamic process, thus raising efficiency and productivity to a new level.



For more than a decade, the innovative ARC3 has proven successful at our customers' plants. Based on this real world experience and our own profound know-how, the new generation - the ARC5 - was developed: A transport robot that combines the unique attributes of its predecessor with the technological development and innovative strength of Servus. What does that mean for you? More power, higher speed, and impressive dynamics. These are only some of the outstanding features that guarantee you even higher efficiency, flexibility, safety and ease of use.


ARC5 Strecke snip



One for all. All with one.

The ARC5 transports any load quickly, safely and quietly. Configurable in terms of size, performance and load handling device, it transports everything from simple cardboard boxes, plastic totes and trays to bulk material or workpieces with a payload of up to 50 kg. The ARC5 therefore adjusts with utmost flexibility to your individual requirements.


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Faster than a pit stop

As in a car race, pit stops (maintenance) should be as quick and efficient as possible.  In record time, with just a few simple steps, parts of the ARC5 can thus be repaired and replaced if necessary. In record time, with just a few simple steps, parts of the ARC5 can thus be repaired and replaced if necessary.


One size fits all 

The main feature of the ARC5 is its
modular design. This means: one frame
that suits all load handling devices.
Who knows what changes the future will
bring? Complex plant expansions, new
product lines or flows of goods often
require extensive adjustments.


The perfect union of form and function

The appealing and user-friendly design of the ARC5 enables efficient and smooth performance of transport tasks in various industrial environments. Every detail of the ARC5 has been carefully thought out to provide you with maximum functionality, a wide range of applications and
convenient maintenance. The housing is made of high-quality stainless steel and is easy to wipe clean, cleanroom compatible and extremely robust.

Status always and everywhere in view

Our innovative, color-coded information
system allows you to intuitively
grasp what is going on. From the
pickup to the drop off of a transport
unit, each step is clearly communicated
by the dynamic status displays. Even
from a great distance, the LED status
bar remains clearly visible, so no matter
where you are - you can always watch
the progress and actions of each ARC5.



ARC5_3_LED grün_1920x1280

The world's most energy-efficient transport robot

With state-of-the-art technology and a sophisticated design, the ARC5 sets new standards in sustainability.

  • energy consumption of less than 150 W during operation
  • optimal empty weight / payload ratio
  • regenerative braking
  • low maintenance
  • few wear parts, long service life
  • 24/7 operation without downtimes for charging

By using the ARC5, you make a measurable contribution to protecting the environment
and saving valuable resources. In fact, we literally talk about traveling around the world for less than € 80,- in a carbon neutral way. 


Around the World-1


Strong hardware and clever software from a single source 

Just like the Servus systems, our software is tailored to meet your individual requirements.
Since the software is operated in your own IT system on-site, you always have full control
over your data. The local implementation ensures fast job processing and maximum
security. Even in the event of an Internet outage, your system remains operational and
continues to ensure a smooth flow of materials.


ARC5 Software Übersicht
ARC5 Software
ARC5 Software Arbeisplatzansicht


Servus Manager always informs you about: 

  • where your ARCs are located
  • how fast they are going
  • which battery charge status they have 
  • which cargo they are currently transporting 
  • and much more.

But it is not only the real-time data that is collected. In addition, the ARC5 software collects all data and thus enables state-of-the-art predictive maintenance.


Did you know that the ARC5 ...

  • … the ARC5 can reach a peak speed of 5m/s?
  • … reaches an acceleration of 3m/s²?
  • … ... with a payload ratio of 1:1 almost can still achieve maximum energy efficiency?
  • … with an energy cost of just 80€ can travel once around the globe?
  • … can transport any load, including containers, cardboard boxes, SMD magazines, workpiece carriers of bulk material?
  • … is cleanroom certified?
  • … every ARC5 has about 300m of cables installed?


Arm your company for the future with a process-safe, flexible and efficient intralogistics solution from Servus.

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