Lean Logistics

The Smart Factory 

Are you ready for the future? In our latest whitepaper you will find out, how to make your production smart and thus remain competitive. 


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Your guide for designing the factory of the future

We have summarised our experience for you:

  • What the factory of the future looks like and why automation and digitalisation are the key to more flexibility.
  • Why a cross-process system is essential for automation.
  • What impact smart production can have on your product. 
  • What makes the right software. 
  • And why the factory of the future will be fully automated for the benefit of people. 
Servus Transportroboter

About Servus Intralogistics

Servus Intralogistics is the world's only intralogistics provider for the interface-free automation of the entire warehouse and production logistics.
We develop, produce and deliver customised intralogistics systems with the intelligent and autonomous transport robot ARC3 (Autonomous Robotic Carrier). The Servus system creates intralogistics solutions from a modular system for individual products and processes for industry, retail, e-commerce, medical technology and many more. The modular intralogistics kit makes it possible to develop a customised concept together with the customer that maps the entire material flow without any interfaces - from incoming goods to warehouse, office, production, assembly or order picking to outgoing goods. We advise our customers on the implementation of lean logistics, develop the best solution together and implement it for them.

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