A future-proof world first: The Servus-Lifter

The smart solution for the automation of the last metre in intralogistics.

With the Servus-Lifter, Servus Intralogistics has developed a two-part transport robot that moves horizontally and can be extended vertically to a depth of 6 metres. This means that, for the first time, warehouse and production are fully automated down to the last metre and the value chain is supplied more efficiently than ever before.


A real all-rounder from warehouse to production

The solution for flexible, efficient, and timely material supply in production. As an innovative, two-part design, it extends the application radius of the Servus transport robots from the warehouse directly into production. While one part serves as a chassis for horizontal travel on rails, the second part - the Servus lifting platform with an integrated load handling device - can be extended vertically to a depth of 6 metres.
This allows the Servus-Lifter to collect and deliver all materials such as boxes, cartons, trays, or polystyrene parts weighing up to 50 kilograms at different heights at all stations within the warehouse or in production, both vertically and horizontally. Always at the ergonomically optimal unloading height for the employees.
In addition, the Servus-Lifter with the "Smartloader" has a load handling device that is particularly material-friendly: two extendable prongs drive underneath the container, which is precisely loaded onto the transport robot by means of timing belts. This means that there is no friction loss at all, which makes the Servus-Lifter particularly low-maintenance and energy-efficient.


"With the Servus-Lifter we are taking another step towards a completely networked factory" confirms Christian Beer, founder, and owner of Servus Intralogistics. "For the first time, we are thus enabling an uninterrupted, efficient material flow from the warehouse to production and offering maximum flexibility."


Fully automatic supply at a wide variety of delivery stations

Unlike fork-lift trucks, the Servus-Lifter does not waste valuable floor space because the transport robot travels "overhead" under the hall ceiling. The direct delivery to picking and work stations takes place from above. This saves valuable production space. Thus, with Servus, warehouse and production merge into one unit. The Servus-Lifter is flexible and multifunctional: it stores and retrieves and connects decentralised buffers with assembly stations, Kanban shelves as well as automated supermarkets.
This way, even at higher frequencies, the necessary foot and drive paths always remain free, the material flow remains undisturbed and efficient. In the Pull-Principle, the material can be delivered just-in-time – at the right time to the right place. Finished parts or assemblies are immediately put back into storage and made available for subsequent processes.
This reduces inventories and prevents production areas from being misused as storage space. Especially at the "last metre", the Servus-Lifter proves that it is a true master of material provision and thus offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative to AGVs, conveyor technology, or tugger trains.

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