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November 12, 2018

Current Image of Intralogistics. Everything so Nice and New Here!

by Schrüfer Martin

Sometimes art delivers the best guideline: “Everything is so colourful here”, as sung by the old punk singer Nina Hagen many years ago in her song “TV-Glotzer [TV gawkers] (White Punks on Dope)”, and of course was referring to the television. We would rather take a look at intralogistics! “Everything is so nice and new here”: Changing the phrase that has become a familiar quotation. Every word of it is true. Currently everything is changing in the industry. It is so nice, because the economy is soaring, contrary to all typical German prophecies of doom. It is also new, as we finally have technology and software available for improving in-house material flows that before we could have only dreamed of. Discuss it with Michael ten Hompel, the Director of Fraunhofer IML in Dortmund, it is worth it.

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