September 03, 2019

Efficient picking to save essential seconds

by Juan Martin

Servus promised to serve its customers and eliminate waste when it started to develop the Servus System. Nothing has changed about this. This is why Servus now enables its customers to perform “hands-free” picking.

Servus Intralogistics and its long-term software partner MIA Systems entered into a premium partnership with the Munich Startup ProGlove.

Their glove with integrated sensors and scanners perfectly adjusts to the natural hand movements of the worker to permit “Hands-Free Picking”. The worker does not need to reach for the scanner. He can use both hands and will receive direct feedback: the ProGlove has acoustic, haptic and visual signals. This makes picking faster, safer and more ergonomic. Many steps and seconds are saved and efficiently is further increased. Picking with ProGlove pays off even at a low frequency. Picking becomes up to four seconds more efficient per pick than a conventional hand-held scanner would be. High frequencies may even lead to saving an entire station.

This makes picking even faster, simpler and more efficient. This glove works with 1D and 2D scans.


There is no need to take the hand-held scanner with the ProGlove. Hands stay free while picking. 

The advantages are clear: Small, light-weight and fast

The Servus employees thoroughly tested the ergonomic glove already. ProGlove is used at the Heron Innovationsfactory, the Servus Intralogistics site, in goods receipt and at the picking stations. After its simple commissioning – the enclosed access point needs to be connected to the I-Point Touch by USB and that’s it – the advantages quickly became evident. It was clear that the employees in the Heron Innovationsfactory accepted the glove. They never want to work without the ProGlove again when picking. Alexander Fehr, owner and managing director:

The premium partnership with ProGlove enables us to offer our customers efficient and innovative picking solutions. Use of the ProGlove gives our customers clear improvement in ergonomics, performance capacity and time savings. 


Current trends and information on intralogistics can be found in the new SERVUS Whitepaper: 

Whitepaper - Warehouse of the future



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