March 29, 2022

How a smart buffer optimizes your production logistics

by Corinna Gutmann

Different cycle times, varying delivery quantities, last-minute orders, one-piece-flow production (small batch sizes) or even product idle times are the daily challenges for optimally flowing production logistics.

This is demonstrated by the customized Servus solution at ZF’s site in Auerbach

Efficiently planned production logistics are the key to competitiveness, especially when it comes to the current shortage of resources and subsequent delivery problems. Smart solutions play a key role here - such as our system at ZF's site in Auerbach


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Thanks to a close development collaboration, we were able to implement a customized solution for the development towards a Smart Factory. Our flexibly scalable system grows with ZF's requirements, so that the system's performance can be easily expanded as needed. ZF's Senior Manager SCM is also enthusiastic about these many possibilities.


Find out what exactly is behind the solution at ZF in Auerbach in our case study:

Download Case Study




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