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September 03, 2018

Shuttles Versus Stacker Cranes – What is the Question?

by Thomas Bischof

Anyone wanting to automate a warehouse must sooner or later ask the question if it should be done using shuttles or stacker cranes.

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November 14, 2017

More Efficient Production Logistics through Innovative Material Flow Technology

by Schneider, Markus

Modern material flow technologies can both support process-oriented structures and revolutionize intralogistics using newer and more efficient processes. For example, the “injection principle” involves delivering small volumes of the material directly to the target location using an autonomous transport robot. This reduces the handling process, accelerates the material flow, keeps routes short, and also saves outlay on expensive production and storage areas.

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November 14, 2017

Current Challenges in Intralogistics

by Christian Beer

Boosting efficiency in the value chain was the biggest talking point of the last year. Production processes were optimized to the max. However, intralogistics were neglected and the production and logistics realms were handled separately.

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