October 06, 2021

Teamwork = Dreamwork EN

by Corinna Gutmann

A masterpiece of networked thinking is needed to turn complicated problems into simple solutions. The workshop is clearly the right tool for this. In this blog post you can find out how a workshop with Servus Intralogistics works and what lies behind our neutral consulting concept.

A workshop with Servus Intralogistigs:


Expectations are high

A masterpiece of networked thinking is needed to turn complicated problems into simple solutions. The workshop is clearly the right tool for this. In this blog post you can find out how a workshop with Servus Intralogistics works and what lies behind our neutral consulting concept.

"A workshop is by far the most efficient way to develop a concept in such a way that there is a common understanding and mutual acceptance. In our customer workshops, we use your requirements and our expertise to develop the necessary basis for the concept of your individual, future-proof intralogistics in just two to three days."

- Wolfgang Brändle, Workshop and Product Design

How does a Servus workshop come about? 

Let's start at the beginning: After the initial contact and processing of the enquiry, our potential customers are invited to visit us at the company headquarters in Dornbirn. During this company visit, the presentation and the company tour provide the first impulses for lean and future-proof intralogistics. We would like to show how the right digitalisation approach, in combination with an appropriate level of automation, makes logistics processes more efficient and simplifies them. The aim of the exchange and the visits to us and to the customer’s plant form the base for individual ideas and insights for increasing competitiveness thanks to smart intralogistics.
Subsequently, a workshop is offered at the customer's site in order to jointly work out the problem as well as the individually suitable solution. In preparation for this, a questionnaire is used to obtain the essential information. This includes, for example, questions on material flow, transport goods, storage capacity and logistics processes.


From the wish list to an individually designed, efficient intralogistics concept

The workshop starts with a welcome and introduction session. Here, the customer presents his project, which is to be supported by an ideal logistics concept. During a tour of the company, the current spatial conditions and processes are examined. The workshop team gets a first impression of the potential future project. The ideal situation is then worked out and documented:

This means that goals are defined that a new intralogistics and related processes should achieve in the future. In the course of the project, this ideal state serves as a guiding, red thread, which also serves as orientation in difficult decisions. Not to be forgotten: This ideal state is seen as a wish list - when defining it, it is not yet determined whether these goals are already realisable in the upcoming steps.
We continue by going into more detail. Existing processes are analysed in detail and the requirements for the future intralogistics system are derived from this. Here, among other things, the bin concept, the warehouse dimensioning and the recording of the material flow are of particular importance. These factors are decisive for the solution in terms of efficiency, both currently and in the event of future growth.

Bin concept: The analysis of the container types as well as the goods to be transported contributes to smooth processes. The general motto here is: standardisation - the fewer container types, the better.


Warehouse dimensioning: When determining the warehouse dimensioning, it is particularly important to plan not only for the current storage capacity, but also for the storage capacity needed in the future for possible expansion steps, in order to be prepared for all developments, both spatially and technically.


Material flow: What sounds banal at first glance has already made one or the other logistics team sweat. Because it is often not so easy to filter out concrete material flow figures from existing processes. But precisely these figures are of central importance for the planning and implementation of sustainable intralogistics. Based on calculated bottlenecks and a system design that can cope with fluctuations and increasing demand, we create future security by planning for changes in the material flow in future company developments.

On the second day of the workshop, the facts and figures worked out are used as a basis for an intralogistics solution. Together, variants are discussed and the necessary stations are designed.
What the entire logistics system could look like is then depicted on a layout. And after the individually suitable solution has been found for all parties involved, the possible to-dos for the next steps are assigned.

Workshop successfully completed - what now? 

No matter how successful a workshop is, without motivation, proper follow-up or implementation of the first steps, the effort is in vain. After the client workshop, the team holds an internal debriefing and works out the concrete layout. After the presentation of the concept, the client receives a non-binding offer. The decision whether to realise the project of a new intralogistics system with Servus and thus take a decisive step towards efficiency and competitiveness now lies with the customer. Once the decision for a joint project has been made, the next step is to further detail the concept.


"Every customer workshop is something unique for us."
Thomas BischofHead of Sales 

Through workshops we build a special relationship with our clients. We address individual needs and work with each of our clients to find a tailor-made solution. Everyone involved is at the same level of knowledge and can actively contribute to the project.
Here is a brief summary of everything you need to know about Servus Workshops.

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